Apps for Dynamics 365

Microsoft are aware that whilst customers want agility and choice if they opt for a SaaS business solution, sometimes it can be challenging to find and trial business apps that suit their needs – and then get these apps to work together for a consistent experience.  Microsoft AppSource is here to help.

What is Microsoft AppSource?

Microsoft AppSource is an online platform that helps business users discover and try apps, add-ins and content packages from Microsoft-certified partners, including those built on top of Microsoft Dynamics, Office, Cortana Intelligence and Azure.

Where do I find extensions and apps for Dynamics 365?

AppSource is your destination to easily find and evaluate the apps for Dynamics 365 from Microsoft and partners like Prodware that drive your business.

How do all the Dynamics 365 apps work together?

Leveraging the power of the “common data model” in the Microsoft Azure cloud, Dynamics 365 apps are built to work together to improve adoption and drive productivity.  Once you choose and trial the business app that supports your needs, work with a Microsoft partner such as Prodware to help you get started.

More questions on Dynamics 365

Prodware have compiled Dynamics 365 FAQ.  Select the question below in order to be taken to the answer.  If you can’t see your question, either visit our full FAQ page or contact us below.

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