Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Customer service plays a role in the choice of and loyalty to a brand for the vast majority of consumers around the globe, which makes providing exceptional experiences a customer service imperative.


Dynamics 365 for Customer Service enables you to:

  • Earn loyalty
  • Empower agents
  • Stay agile

How can Dynamics 365 help achieve a seamless customer experience across multiple touchpoints?

Achieve a unified platform – by offering a unified service experience across web, social, chat, email, mobile and phone, including customer self-service and social care. Provide channel context for personalised service with minimal customer effort. Engage customers on their terms through their channel of their choice.

Develop a 360 customer view – understand customer history, preferences and voice of the customer to personalise every interaction.

Personalise your engagement – leverage insights and resources to create individual and consistent experiences across channels.  Understand what your customer has already viewed and searched before they ever reach an agent for added value and a proactive approach.


My customers increasingly reach out via self-service and communities.  How can Dynamics 365 help with this customer service provision?

Provide personalised self-service options – in a branded environment that deliver consistent answers, and a community to connect with peers and subject matter experts.

Minimise customer effort – with localised and extensible targeted, relevant service from anywhere on your brand site or 3rd party site.

Offer contextual experiences – via simple navigation to the right answers and resources from any device, including customer escalations to agent support.

How can Dynamics 365 for Customer Service help my agents to deliver?

Empower your agents – drive the next best action through a visual user interface that delivers role tailored experiences for tiered agents and support leads.

Achieve truly intelligent case management – speed up resolution with machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities, and a dynamic interface that guides agents through every interaction.

Increase collaboration and avoid escalations – by harnessing the knowledge of peers and subject matter experts both inside and outside the service organisation.

Empowered agents

How will Dynamics 365 help management gain customer insight?

Provide real-time views of key service metrics – through fully customisable and interactive dashboards.

Deepen customer insight– and identify business opportunities by tracking and correlating customer satisfaction with service metrics.

Identify trends, explore scenarios, and forecast outcomes – reduce effort scores, improve performance and identify best practices.

Download: Factsheet Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service helps improves each step of the service experience.

  • Give your agents what they need to serve your customers anytime, on any channel
  • Engage customers on their terms through their channel of choice
  • Identify business opportunities by tracking and correlating customer satisfaction with service metrics

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