Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing by Adobe Marketing Cloud

Marketers are all aware of the changes that have taken place in the market. Customers research their purchasing decisions online. Marketers are in a more influential role in the buying process, so sales and marketing alignment is more critical than ever.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing with Adobe Marketing Cloud

Dynamics 365 for Marketing enables you to achieve:

  • A single view of your customer
  • Great customer experiences
  • Marketing and sales collaboration
  • Marketing ROI

How can Dynamics 365 and Adobe bring the data from sales and marketing together?

Create a unified, cross-channel view of the customer across the customer journey with shared data across Dynamics 365 and Adobe Campaign including online and offline channels such as email, social, field service, call centres, web, direct mail and sales calls.

Optimise and flex integration between sales, marketing and service – users can identify all of the custom objects and data available within your Microsoft Dynamics environment that you want to share with Adobe Campaign. You pick and choose which objects you want shared within Campaign, and determine the frequency in which data is passed between the solutions.

How can Dynamics 365 help deliver relevant content and experiences across the customer lifecycle?

Create a richer integrated customer profile – Adobe Marketing Cloud leverages the data from Dynamics 365 to drive campaigns across all marketing channels and delivers personalised content and experiences.

Get higher response rates and customer engagement – if 94% of consumers discontinue their relationship with a brand because of irrelevant marketing, you need to align your cross-functional interests.

How can Dynamics 365 for Marketing contribute to top-line growth and productivity?

Close the sales and marketing loop with lead, tracking and information from Adobe Campaign surfaced in Dynamics 365.

Deliver qualified leads and help sales professionals prioritise opportunities and shorten sales cycles lead scoring and nurture.

Create a single funnel between marketing and sales to stay connected, understand what is working and optimise processes. For example, alerts are sent to sales on campaign responses and lead disposition.

Dynamics 365 for marketing

How will Dynamics 365 support marketing function accountability with insights?

Gain unprecedented visibility into customer journey and marketing data with Cortana Intelligence, Power BI and Adobe Analytics.

Manage marketing performance with goal setting, monitoring results and advanced visualisation with Power BI.

Engage and retain customers more effectively with access to actionable insights and real-time data throughout the funnel.

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